Alison Teal, MFT

Alison is a licensed psychotherapist since 1986 as well as an Internationally Certified EMDR Consultant and Therapist. She is skilled in a variety of therapeutic modalities including expressive arts, dream work, and somatic psychology. As a long-term meditator, her work is informed by mindfulness practices. She has led numerous workshops and presented in conferences. Alison is a Life Balance Strategist. She offers private sessions (in person and remotely,) and workshops designed to help individuals navigate personal and professional changes and transitions. Alison taught graduate school psychology for 13 years and founded and directed Creative Explorations – a school in which students explored identity issues through the making of art. As an artist, Alison’s approach to life is creative. She believes in the indomitability of the human spirit and that we are all capable of transforming old patterns and self-limiting beliefs in order to live our lives more fully with authenticity and purpose.

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