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The use of the Somatic Portal in AEDP

Many of us, as we have learned AEDP, have remarked upon the dramatic differences it has caused in our professional efficacy. It’s also cause for celebration that we note a corollary and dramatic transformation in our personal relationships, both with ourselves and with others. As we ourselves participate in the deep healing work the model offers our clients, we receive equal benefit. (One colleague has remarked to me “I get a session for every session I give, when I really show up and use everything I’ve learned with AEDP!”)

This course aims to be an opportunity to “bring home” your theoretical knowledge of AEDP, to deepen your understanding of how the model works from the bottom up and inside out, starting with yourself. Alongside the reliable AEDP training components of didactic and video presentations we will use a variety of experiential exercises, with ourselves and with one another. As you’ve come to realize, the joy of learning AEDP is in the ways it potentiates access to delight. The hope is that this class will lighten your spirits and enhance your enjoyment of your practice as a human and as a clinician.