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Transforming Resistance Monthly Online Training Course 2021-2022

Sadly, many clients interfere with the goals they hope to achieve and suffering they hope to alleviate through their own resistance or dysregulation. This causes tragic consequences for the client, as well as a sense of failure for the therapist. While clients enter treatment with good intentions, defences and anxiety often interfere. Therapists need powerful tools to address these formidable challenges that threaten to impede or entirely sabotage the process.

In this webinar participants will learn distinct skill sets to intervene to transform resistance with challenging patients who have a history of trauma, a high degree of resistance, or excessive anxiety and dysregulation (i.e., “high defense” or “high anxiety”). Therapists will learn how to intervene from the first moment of the initial session to create the safety and alliance necessary for patients to risk abandoning their defenses and begin making transformational, rather than incremental, changes.

Participants will understand how to effectively and efficiently help clients gain access to buried emotional conflicts, unconscious material, defensively excluded aspects and submerged resources in order to promote healing rapidly. We will focus on the three major areas of psychotherapy training: theory, technique and person of the therapist.



Steve Shapiro, PhD, a licensed psychologist, has been practicing various forms of Experiential Dynamic Therapy (EDT) since the mid-1990’s, including Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (STDP). He has been studying AEDP with Dr. Fosha since 2003 and is a founding member of the AEDP Institute, where he is a senior faculty member. Dr. Shapiro provides training in the form of seminars, group supervision and private individual supervision. He has lectured and given workshops to the mental health community through various agencies and organizations. He is the former Director of Psychology and Education at Montgomery County Emergency Service (MCES), an emergency psychiatric hospital, where he worked primarily with severe personality disorders and those involuntarily committed to treatment. Dr. Shapiro conducts seminars and workshops on various topics in his other areas of specialization, which include: adolescents and their families, parenting, communication principles, personality disorders, involuntary treatment (adolescents and others), psychiatric emergencies and crisis intervention. He has held adjunct professor positions at Drexel/Hahnemann University and the University of the Sciences. Dr. Shapiro maintains a full-time private practice in suburban Philadelphia