Soleil Hepner, PRYT, C-IAYT

worked in the fast-paced world of High-Tech for 20 years. Being one of the few women in management brought high stress manifesting in chronic back pain, depression and a bout with cancer. Burned-out, Soleil left High-Tech for High-Touch in 2001 finding life-changing results for herself and her clients using the Phoenix Rising Method of BodyMind Yoga Therapy. Soleil is best known on the West Coast as a speaker to therapists advocating for the need to bring the body into treatment. She has been training therapists since 2005, currently teaches and is Program Director for all three Levels of the IAYT Accredited Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program and Co-Developer of the Bring the Body to Therapy workshops. Soleil has a private practice in San Diego, CA where she specializes in Recovery, Trauma, and Pain.

Courses available with this presenter

The Phoenix Rising Method ™ Bring the Body to Therapy
The Convergence of Yogic Practice and Psychotherapy
Presented by Soleil Hepner, PRYT, C-IAYT