Susan Wendelborg, LCSW

Susan Wendelborg, LCSW adds a depth of experience and knowledge in somatic and attachment theory as well as a depth of humor to PTI. Susan studied Social Work in both undergraduate and graduate school having been drawn to the field by a passion for social justice. (Which was baffling to her family of origin. Then again, she always told them they shouldn’t have taken her to church if they didn’t want her to end up like that.)

She has over 20 years’ experience working in a variety of mental health settings and with a broad population of clients. Susan was trained in EMDR 2011 and continued her learning to become a Certified EMDR Therapist in 2013. She began working with PTI in 2016 to become an Approved Consultant and EMDR Trainer. (And to personally transform despite her best efforts to the contrary.) In 2017, Susan established and assumed the role of Regional Coordinator for the Western Oregon EMDRIA Regional Network.

Susan has completed Level 1 training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and will begin Level 2 training in 2018. She recently established Oregon EMDR, LLC and is cultivating this as a clinic specializing in EMDR and Somatic therapies to treat trauma and foster the development of other clinicians. (Wish her luck.)

Susan is grateful for (her husband and dogs and) the opportunity to enjoy meaningful work and evolve as a therapist with clients, and a teacher and consultant with other clinicians.

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