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Essential Skills Retreat Style Durham 2016-17



Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA, is a licensed psychoanalyst who has been in private practice in New York City since 1988. Ms. Newhouse, a former actress and singer/dancer, began the practice of helping and healing from a body-based model. She is a trained and certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and also has studied the Feldenkrais technique and dance therapy. She created a movement therapy program for the Smithers Institute, a residential treatment facility for substance abuse in New York City where she worked for six years. During that time she pursued a master's degree in Motor Learning at Teachers College in New York City. As she worked with more and more people with chronic pain, she began to recognize that healing the heart and soul was an integral part of healing the physical body. Hoping to put two modalities together, she began a four-year training program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy from which she graduated from in 1988. She practiced relational psychotherapy with adults until 2005 when she was introduced to the work of Dr. Fosha. Instantly and unreservedly drawn to the work which seemed to do exactly what she had dreamed of many years earlier, Ms. Newhouse took the Immersion course with Dr. Fosha in 2006 and then went on to do 3-plus years of Core Training with Dr. Eileen Russell and 3 years of supervision with Natasha Prenn. She has been an Assistant in the first two NYC Essential Skills courses. Ms. Newhouse has a continuing interest in the physicality of emotion and interpersonal neurobiology and continues to explore breathing and meditation and its impact on her work. Ms. Newhouse has a clinical practice in New York City and is also available for individual supervision.