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The Mindful Practice - Roger Walsh, MD, PhDThe Mindful Practice
The Deeper Meanings of Work and Therapy CEs
Roger Walsh holds PhD’s in psychology, anthropology and has an MD with a specialty in psychiatry. He has turned his attention to the study of spirituality and it’s intersection with psychotherapy, offering the fruits of his work in this very enjoyable daylong workshop.
Credit: 6 CEs
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Integrating Psychotherapy and Spirituality - John Robinson, PhDIntegrating Psychotherapy and Spirituality
This course includes a broad overview of issues related to spirituality, religion, and psychotherapy from a clinical perspective.
Credit: 6 CEs
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The Sacred Art of Healing - Jack Kornfield, PhD; Huston Smith, PhD; Frances Vaughn, PhD; Roger Walsh, MD, PhD; Shauna L. Shapiro, PhD
This conference brings together some of the foremost authorities on spirituality, psychology and meditation to explore the conceptual and practical aspects of the sacred art of healing. Speakers examine both Eastern and Western perspectives, review theories, assess research, explore applications, and offer practices. Students benefit both personally and professionally by expanding their understanding and application of spiritual principles and by deepening their own spiritual practice. To hear Huston Smith alone makes this recording worth it!
Credit: 12 CEs
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The Sacred Art of Healing - Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.; Huston Smith, PhD; Roger Walsh, MD, PhD; Sylvia Boorstein, LCSW, Ph.D.; Daniel J. Siegel, Ph.D.
Spirituality & Mindfulness in Human Transformation for Health Professionals CEs
This is a written transcript of a two day conference in Los Angeles, October 2005, that received rave reviews from attendees. The presenters included; Jack Kornfield PhD, Huston Smith PhD, Sylvia Boorstein PhD, Roger Walsh MD, PhD and Dan Siegel MD talking on a range of topics including; therapeutic presence, healing, neurobiology of meditation, and meditation research. Robert Cassidy
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Essential Spirituality - Roger Walsh, MD, PhDEssential Spirituality
In over twenty years of research and spiritual practice, Dr. Walsh has discovered that each of the great spiritual traditions has both a common goal and seven common practices to reach that goal. Through stories, myths, exercises, meditations, prayers, and practical advice, Dr. Walsh shows you how to integrate these seven principles into a rewarding way of life. Gerald Jampolsky, author of Love is Letting Go of Fear, calls this book, “An absolute masterpiece” that is helpful to both the unseasoned and seasoned seeker.

(Book not included with course)
Credit: 6 CEs
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