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 Top Level Psychopharmacology

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Psychopharmacology 2003/2004 - Barry Pierce, M.D.Psychopharmacology 2003/2004
By Barry Pierce, M.D. CEUs
Dr. Pierce, a practicing psychiatrist, is an engaging speaker with a wealth of practical information to offer non-prescribing clinicians. Very easy to listen to, non technical, and full of helpful information about the most recent psychotropic medications.
Credit: 6 CEUs
Available Formats:
Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple - John Preston, PsyD; James Johnson, MDClinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple
Dr. Preston and Dr. Johnson have written a clear and engaging primer for mental health professionals. Perhaps a more apt title for this book might be “Psychopharmacology Made Understandable for Clinicians” because it doesn’t spoon-feed or overly simplify this important subject. It’s actually surprisingly comprehensive and detailed for such a compact and accessible book. After covering treatment approaches for the most common mental disorders, the book provides case examples and appendices.

(Book not included with course)
Credit: 4 CEUs
Available Formats: