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Borderline Personality Disorder - Gregory Lester
Credit: 6 CEs
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Two Brief Articles on Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Marsha Linehan, PhD; Thomas Lynch, Ph.D.; Clive Robins, Ph.D.
“Two Brief Articles on Dialectical Behavior Therapy” )
The objective of this homestudy is to familiarize you with Marsha Linehan’s treatment model for borderline personality disorder. DBT is the only treatment model that has demonstrated proven efficacy in controlled clinical trials. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with DBT, these two articles, written by Linehan and others, will provide you with a clear and concise introduction to its key concepts, treatment strategies and the bio-social theory on which it is based.
Credit: 1 CEs
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Integrated Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder - Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.
In this six-page article, Dr. Glen O. Gabbard highlights important psychodynamic principles in working with the rage, impulsivity, defenses and self-/object-representations commonly found in this population. The article ends with a brief review of the “target-symptom approach” to treating BPD pharmacologically.
Credit: 1 CEs
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