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 Top Level Attachment and Neurobiology

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Connection and Transformation: - Daniel J Siegel, MD; Daniel Stern, MD; Jude Cassidy, PhD; Diana Fosha, PhD
The Brain, Attachment, Emotion and Intersubjectivity CEUs
This two day conference brings together four incredible presenters who are renowned for their inspiring work advancing our understanding of how relationships and interpersonal communication shape the ongoing development of the mind. Cutting Edge
Credit: 12 CEUs
Available Formats:
Regulation of the Right Brain:
A Fundamental Mechanism of Attachment, Trauma, & Psychotherapy CEUs
This individual home study is part of the master set Attachment - From Early Childhood through the Lifespan.
Credit: 1 CEUs
Available Formats:
True Self, True Other and Core State - Diana Fosha, PhD
Fosha's description of her model is characteristically articulate and sometimes surprisingly poetic for an academic paper. Here she addresses the need for a model that describes how therapeutic change actually happens - a model in its own right, rather than a 'poor cousin' of psychopathology. She then presents the key concepts of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a psychodynamic model that brilliantly integrates affective neuroscience, attachment theory and somatic awareness. This paper is not a fast read, but definitely a rewarding one for anyone interested in learning how to incorporate recent discoveries about affect and attachment into clinical work.
Credit: 2 CEUs
Available Formats:
The Developing Mind - Daniel J Siegel, MDThe Developing Mind
“This is a remarkable book…It takes an especially gifted intellect with an extraordinary breadth of interests and expertise to be capable of the integrative tour de force…Most impressively, Siegel weaves a complex, plausible and compelling theoretical synthesis of the bi-directional influences of interpersonal experience and and brain development and functioning.” Psychiatric Times

(Book not included with course)
Credit: 12 CEUs
Available Formats:
Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self - Allan Schore, PhDAffect Regulation and the Repair of the Self
This is the best way to understand Allan Schore. He is without question a brilliant thinker/researcher whose writing is difficult to comprehend for the average clinician. In this lecture Dr. Schore is at his best, offering a very user friendly version of his complex ideas.
Credit: 6 CEUs
Available Formats:
Understanding Emotion and Empathy in Relationships - Daniel J Siegel, MD; John Gottman, PhD; Marco Iacoboni, MD, PhD
Integrating Recent Advances in Neurobiology Into the Practice of Psychotherapy CEUs
This two-day conference offered an exciting opportunity to explore the scientific foundations of interpersonal relationships and the underpinnings of psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals, couples and families.
Credit: 12 CEUs
Available Formats:
The Developing Mind - Daniel Siegel, MD
This is an audio presentation by Dan Siegel,MD.
Credit: 6 CEUs
Available Formats: