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Understanding Emotion and Empathy in Relationships - Daniel J Siegel, MD; John Gottman, PhD; Marco Iacoboni, MD, PhD
Integrating Recent Advances in Neurobiology Into the Practice of Psychotherapy CEs
This two-day conference offered an exciting opportunity to explore the scientific foundations of interpersonal relationships and the underpinnings of psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals, couples and families.
Credit: 12 CEs
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Women's Growth in Connection - Janet Surrey, PhD; Irene Stiver, PhD; Carol Gilligan, PhD; Toni Bernay; Judith Jordan PhD
Credit: 6 CEs
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A Case Discussion: - Joseph Lichtenberg, MD
Initiative, an Issue from Infancy to Adulthood CEs
This individual home study is part of the master set The World of Self and Others.
Credit: 1 CEs
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