Fred Luskin, PhD

Frederic Luskin, PhD holds a Doctorate degree in Counseling and Health Psychology from Stanford University. He is Clinical Science Research Associate at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation. He is co-founder and current director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, a research group focused on understanding the effects of unreleased anger and the effects of forgiveness on healing and health. Dr. Luskin’s pioneering work in the study of forgiveness resulted in the development of a proven, nine-step method for treating anger through forgiving. He has gained international recognition for his work with mothers of murder victims in Northern Ireland, in which he successfully treated a group of Catholic and Protestant women who had lost a son to murder. Dr. Luskin is the author of “Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness” (Harper Collins, 2002), which details his successful forgiveness research and pioneering treatment methodology. He has taught “Forgive for Good” workshops to thousands of people throughout the country at universities, therapist trainings, churches and public workshops, offering his insights gleaned from years working with families of murder victims and survivors of political violence, as well as people struggling with the aftermath of divorce, abuse, neglect, duplicity and abandonment.