Master Therapists Live Conference Registration
Pre-Conference Workshops: Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Main Conference: Friday and Saturday, June 18-19, 2010
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
San Francisco, CA

Expert Clinicians Teaching Clinical Skills Through Live and Video Demonstration

  • Master Therapists
  • Short Term Intensive Therapies
  • New Clinical Approaches to Difficult to Treatment Issues
  • Combining the Best Theoretical Models
  • Attachment Theory in Practice

This conference is the pinnacle of my work in the continuing education arena and the culmination of 12 years producing workshops and training events for mental health professionals. I have attended 100ís of events, read 1000ís of evaluations and been to scores of conferences. This even embodies what I've learned and believe about improving clinical skills. It is about training to be a better therapist by observing MASTER THERAPISTS LIVE!

The presenters at this conference represent the best of the best. They are all superb clinicians who have mastered both theory and practice using videotaped sessions or live demonstrations to train therapists in how to do therapy. Watching them work will inspire and challenge you, and will offer you the opportunity to become a better therapist.

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